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Android, iOS, Mobile Apps & Unity3d Developer

Zeeshan Akhtar

About me

My name is Zeeshan Akhtar. I am a programmer with more than 10 years of experience. During my career I have worked on Unity3d, Android, iOS, JavaME, Blackberry, AndEngine, CakePHP, NodeJS, HTML, CSS and etc. Other than that I am an Entreprenuer and back in 2010 founded Zapine. Nowadays, I am working as the Unit Head for Mobile Apps and Design at Avanza Solutions. Also, I like to learn new stuff related to Programming, Algorithms, Design Patterns and Languages.


The only source of knowledge is experience.
- Albert Einstein


Avanza Solutions


August 2015 - Present

Unit Head - Mobile Apps, Design and Proximate Back in 2015 Avanza solutions give me an opportunity to came onboard and setup a department exclusively for Mobile Application development. That’s how my journey with Avanza started in which we didn’t only work on products ideas but also provide outsourcing services to clients.

Here is list of products we recently developed

  • AmbitWiz - Mobile Banking Solution
  • Proximate - Marketing Platform
  • mPOS - Mobile POS solution
My roles for them include Product Owner, Business Analyst, Architect and Head of Development.

Recent projects
  • mBankIslami -
  • DIBPAK Mobile -
  • NIB Live -

HASS hub (Pvt) Ltd.


August 2013 - July 2015

Business Unit Head This job was different and give me a very different kind of exposure. Apart from the business involment first time in my career, I got the oppurtunity to work on server side programming. Following are some of the stuff

  • GotchaMobi - CakePHP, MySQL, JavaScript/Jquery and CSS
  • Online SiteBuilder - CakePHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Jquery and CSS
  • Wirenode.com - J2EE, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL
  • Hajj O Umrah - Android

Gameview Studios


July 2012 - July 2013

Principal Software Engineer Worked as a Technical lead on Unity. Other than my technical assistance, I was responsible for delivery of some very important projects and make sure on time.
During this period I managed teams of 15+ programmers of their two offices Karachi and Lahore.
Worked on the following projects.

  • Time Teens - Unity 3D for Android and iOS
  • Fatal Frontiers - Unity 3D Web Version

Zapine Technologies


Feb 2010 - July 2012

Founder and Head of Development

I try to start a venture of my own, named it as Zapine Technologies. I spend around 2 and half on it. During that period I worked with different clients across the globe.

Following are some of my clients / projects I completed during that period

Relevant Mobile – Android and iOS (May 2012 — Dec 2012)

Relevantmobile is a Newyork based company, I worked with them on their popular apps such as Daily gobble, VivaLecrepe / La crêpe parisienne And Raising Canes.

E2ESP (End 2 End Solution Provider) - iOS (May 2012 — Dec 2012)

Worked as a sub contractor with them for couple of their iOS projects for their clients.

DawateIslami - J2ME and Blackberry (Feb 2010 — Present)

I develop applications for J2ME mobile platforms that can run on Blackberry devices as well.

  • Al Quran ul Kareem ( Not released yet )
  • Auqat us salat
  • iTasbih

Folio3 Inc - Blackberry and J2ME (July 2010 — July 2011)

They contacted me to develop couple of applications for their client Hiplink(www.hiplink.com) formerly known as Semotus. After that I worked with them on couple of very interesting projects from Nokia Pakistan such as Atrium Cinema and Cinpax Cinema apps currently available from Nokia OVI store.

PixSense Inc - Blackberry and J2ME (March 2010 — April 2011)

Worked as consultant and responsible for the development of new features and provide support in PixSense apps which were deployed with different mobile operators across the globe. I also develop a game from scratch named as TXTNation for J2ME devices.

Personal Games & Apps - Android and iOS

Other than clients, I developed some personal stuff available from different App Stores

  • Apple Appstore
    • Tasbih Delight
    • zRadio
  • Google Play
    • Draw Something Sketchy ( Sold in 2011) - my only app that reached 3 Million Downloads and got into Top#100 free casual game on almost every country's playstore
    • Digi Clock Widget
    • Flashlight LED Plus
    • Prayer Times with Qibla Compass (include 7 different calculation methods)
    • Currency Convertor Plus

PixSense (Pvt) Ltd.


May 2007 - Feb 2010

Senior Software Engineer (Jan 2009 - Feb 2010) Although my designation was Senior Software Engineer. I work as the Technical Lead for their Blackberry and J2ME team. During this time, I worked on several solutions for different mobile carriers / operators across the globe. Few of them are Vietel Vietnam, XL indoesia and Globe Philipinnes. Other than that, I designed and developed some J2ME Libraries for UI, Animation and Data Storage for faster development and ease.

Software Engineer (May 2007 - Dec 2008) I started my caereer here and got chance early to work on the mobile platforms famous at the time such as J2ME / Java ME and Blackberry. These 18 Months I worked on several J2ME applications and demos designed for Telenor Norway, Vodafone Germany, Telenor Pakistan and China Telecom China. During this period I got a chance to explore some other platforms such as SOFT Bank MExA iAppli / sAppli, MOTO MAGX and Yahoo Blue Print SDK.


NED University of Engg. & Tech

Jan 2003 - Dec 2006

Bachelor of Computer Science & Information Technology During my studies, I learn Java and developed a remote desktop sharing solution for J2ME devices as a final year project. Most of the code was written on Java and JavaME. After that Java becomes my favorite programming language.


Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.
- Brad Henry


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Unity 3D
  • Blackberry 4.2 - 7.0
  • J2ME / JavaME
  • Design Patterns
  • XML
  • JSON
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • HTML
  • Object Oriented Programing
  • MySQL
  • CSS


  • English
  • Urdu


Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.
- Bobby Unser